How to Disintegrate the Muslim World from Within

Last few days reminded me of the last time I was in Pakistan. Blasphemous cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet were published in a Norwegian paper which unleashed a riot in every part of the country. What was more amusing though was not the righteous response but the almost nonsensical targeting of the huge throngs of crowds – they threw bricks and stones, and anything they could find, at offices of the Norwegian company Telenor.

Protests in Pakistan against the anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims
Protests in Pakistan against the anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims

What the crowds failed to realise in their tunnel-visioned antics was the fact that they were only hellbent on destroying the infrastructure within their own country. Protest is good but it is an outright stupidity when done in any way in Pakistan. It seems that the anti-Islam lobbies have finally found a brilliant way of disintegrating the Muslim world from within. All they have to do is to releases nominally blasphemous content and the Muslim nations would only go about destroying themselves and their own infrastructure in the wake of their protests.

The Troll Wars

It seems to be such an inappropriate response that over-zealous Muslims expressed throughout the world. The killing of the US ambassador in Libya was uncalled for. Only if Muslims would stop bashing stuff up and think for a moment, they’d realise that the only thing Sam Bacile, the film’s director wanted was to stir up uproar in the nation. And he succeeded only with the help of Muslims all over the world.

When news of his film first broke, the filmmaker identified himself as Sam Bacile and told the Wall Street Journal that he was a 52-year-old Israeli-American real estate developer from California. He said Jewish donors had financed his film. But Israel’s Foreign Ministry said there was no record of a Sam Bacile with Israeli citizenship.

What’s more interesting now is that the filmmaker was not even an Israeli at all. In fact, his name was not even Sam Bacile at all. It turns out that filmmaker of this amateurish production was rather named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Californian resident convicted of bank fraud earlier in 2010 (with no ties to Israel or the Jewish lobby in any way).

It just goes to show how a frustrated Californian sitting in his basement could inadvertently manage to bring home the fact that Muslims can quite easily be manipulated into any act of nonsensical violence by merely putting forth an amateurish footage on the Internet. Today, trolls throughout the world smirk at their silent victory as Muslims toil around in their vice.


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