Why Veena Malik is Good for Pakistan?

Pakistan comes at the top-end of any online list that depicts the terribly sad and disgustingly pathetic face of the nation. Pakistan has just this year managed to crawl out of the top ten nations in the Failed States Index and has also been named Pornistan by the Fox News only because data shows that Pakistanis top the number of most obscure Google searches for freely available pornographic material online. In short, Pakistan is addicted to porn of the bad kind.

Veena Malik could perhaps help Pakistanis deal with their addiction to "bad" porn.
Veena Malik could perhaps help Pakistanis deal with their addiction to “bad” porn.

Let’s get one thing straight — there is a demand for pornography (even a tiny bit of skin) in Pakistan. And what better to counter these demands than to promote home-grown celebrities like Veena Malik and Mathira strutting their stuff out to desi tunes and shedding all for the cameras. Wouldn’t you agree that searching for terms like “horse sex” and “rape pictures” are far worse than searching for Veena’s hot pictures or Mathira’s topless photoshoot. Take a look at the Google Trends below as they stand at the time of writing this article. You can recreate these results here.

Veena Malik trumps bestiality, hebephilia and rape. Isn't that better for Pakistan?
Google Trends show that Veena Malik trumps bestiality, hebephilia and rape. Isn’t that better for Pakistan?

If the nation demands sex, pornography and skin, just give it to them for Pete’s sake; otherwise, such prohibition turns into a more vile fascination. Amongst the few good things to come out of the Zardari administration have been the empowerment of women and the transgendered in Pakistan. Topics that were once taboo, ala rape and victimisation of women, could now be openly debated upon. At the turn of the millennium, Pakistan had turned into a society that would rather ignore the wounds left by Zia’s Islamisation programmes than be actively healing them for good.

Vulgarity Shouldn’t Matter At All

Veena Malik's photoshoot for her debut single, Drama Queen
Veena Malik’s photoshoot for her debut single, Drama Queen. Veena may just be doing Pakistan some good by shedding her clothes.

Why the fuck should it even matter if the content on your television screen is vulgar or not? You have the remote control in your hand, just change the channel. What fascinates me is our hypocrisy in seeing vulgarity on our screens and ignoring the decade-long attachment we’ve had with Indian legs and bosoms. Pakistan is a nation of closet-pornophiliacs – on the outset, we behave as civilised and articulated beings and deep into our skins, we loathe to see skin disappear from our tellies.

This is perhaps one aspect of Pakistan’s morality that can never be tamed. Ask a Pakistani not to do something, they’ll do that very thing and that too with zeal. So, if you ask a Pakistani not to watch porn at all or even go as far as restricting access to every single pornographic website online (if that is even possible), they would still find ways of feed their habits. This, sometimes, leads to a far greater moral damage to the society and it is perhaps why rape counts and statistics are growing for Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Fascination with Rape

When the list of nations searching obscure pornographic terms was compiled using Google’s analytics tools, it emerged that Pakistan was a nation fascinated with rape and seeing images of raped victims. I know it is downright disgusting and it is sad to see such a perverted mental portrait of Pakistan – a name that literally means “the land of the pure”. In trying to recreate Google trends on Pakistan’s fascination with rape, the data shows the the three cities which indulge in such disgusting thoughts.

An investigation into Pakistan's fascination with rape shows Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore to be hotbeds of such perverted searches and thoughts.
An investigation into Pakistan’s fascination with rape shows Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore to be hotbeds of such perverted searches and thoughts.

I hate it when people come up to me with such flawed statements as the one where Islamic countries apparently have less to no rape statistics as compared to Western industrialised nations. This argument is essentially flawed because Western industrialised nations have a stronger reporting system and actively collect statistics about rape; while countries like Pakistan have primitive reporting systems helping to records such abuses against women. In fact, most of the Muslim world has no system in place to register such complaints at all. Of the few countries that do, Oman, Morroco and Egypt show seriousness towards the reporting of such atrocities. As the Pakistani state machinery progressively addresses issues of rape, the statistics actually indicate that rape cases are soaring by the day in the country.

There are hundreds of cases that go unreported in Pakistan – particularly ones where village jirgaspromote using rape as punishment for tensions rising out of family feuds. The Zardari administration comes to a draw next year after spending half-a-decade of seemingly wasted time at the country’s helms. Although this government, more than any other, has progressively worked towards enabling women and correcting the wrongs that Zia’s pseudo-Islamicised laws left behind. Once people started openly debating about torture and rape including the many victims that went through such horrible ordeals, Google search trends also reciprocated a changing mindset.

Vile search terms, such as "rape pictures" are finally on the decline, once media started talking about rape.
Vile search terms, such as “rape pictures” are finally on the decline, once media started talking about rape.

You can recreate this graph here. It could also be that Pakistan’s attitudes towards porn is finally shifting from seeing humans do it with animals and pictures of rape, to a rather tamer form of porn – seeing Pakistani damsels go topless. If Veena helps to cure the disgusting mentality of the nation, I don’t care if she sheds her clothes or kisses an infidel. If you agree than you’d be saving a nation by watching her new single instead.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjeC52wrURc]

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