Mullahs versus Madonna

The political dynamics are changing in Pakistan. When Maulana Fazlur Rehman rallied in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa calling Imran Khan a “yahoodi” agent and declaring it a sin to vote against him, it was those very people that showed in stark numbers that Pakistanis weren’t ever going to fall for these dogmatic religious ‘fatwas’. Pakistan is no longer falling for these mullahs and molvis. The bearded fellows need to up their ante because Madonna is more favoured in Pakistan now – after all she cares about Pakistan when they don’t.

Educating girls in Pakistan

Female legislators are few and rare in the new National Assembly and so it seems that raising issues surrounding women would find some hindrances in legislation. There are three pressing and difficult issues that the new government faces at the very moment — terrorist groups in Pakistan, power and energy crisis and formally educating the next generation. When and only when the government solves the first two issues would it rear its head towards the issue of education (primarily educating girls in Pakistan).

Up in the north-western tribal regions, religious dogmas and idiosyncratic ideals have usually tend to hinder educational development, especially for girls. When the Taliban took over Swat in 2008–09, they forbade girls from going to schools and disruptive education for many young women.

It was in those particularly harsh times that Pakistan’s first true young female icon rose to recognition from the debris left behind by those vile terrorists — Malala Yousaf Zai. Writing her diaries, she insisted and encouraged young women to go study. She stood up to the mullahs and the fake clerics, and gave precedence to education in her neighbourhood and the greater region surrounding it.

This brings us to our current predicament.

Is Madonna better than the Mullahs?

In a recent goodwill gesture, Madonna pledged to support building a school in Karachi deep-rooted slums. She recently announced her support when she heard the story of Humaira Bachal – a courageous young Pakistani woman trying to overcame adversity to educate girls in Pakistan.

You can support this cause here. Madonna has pledged to match the amount that is raised through this page. Madonna pledged to support building a school in the slums of Karachi, do the Mullahs care to do the same for Pakistan’s many uneducated girls?



    • Yes they are worse that that. Giri hui ghatiya soch! Proclaiming fatwas here and there. A prominent mullah just called dogs “shaheed” in the country. They’re all the same bunch of cowards. Can’t bring real change, just bring fatwas to make for crime and injustice to seep into the country.

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