[NSFW] Meera Does It Again

There is nothing as ardent and primal as the state of living in Karachi’s bullet-ridden streets in current times. However, all but the Pakistani Twitterati can be expected to give no concern to such issues – issues that matter. Rather, the media vines are contrarily abuzz about matters of inferior concerns. Countless people became victims to violence in the streets of Pakistan’s economic hub and people (it seems) are more concerned with finding Meera’s recent sex-tape.

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A handful of passengers died in a bus accident a few hours ago but the incident failed to hearken the attentions of the country’s youth, who are much likely clambering onto the virtual vines of the hyperspace in search of Meera’s latest adventures with that not-so-secret husband of hers.

That, my friends, is not the only pitiful example of escapology Pakistan craves. What was even more sorrowful was the last time episode of Khara Sach. The anchor Mubasher Lucman, a victim of leaked tapes in his own right, gave a huge chunk of the air-time discussing Meera’s personal life and this infamous sex tape. No sooner was the show over that hoardes of porn-addicts jumped on the Internets to feed their craving with a bit of desi spice. Certainly, once the news broke on-air, even the aged nana-jis and simpleton bajis alike, started scouring the depths of the Internet to locate this video.


It definitely is Meera

Meera defended herself alongside her boyfriend Cpt Naveed on Lucman’s show. After this exposé, Naveed is keen on calling Meera his wife only because if he doesn’t want people thinking this little tape featured pre-marital canoodling (and that’s putting it mildly). Meera (still) denies she ever got married. One thing’s for certain, the lass featured in the video definitely is Meera because no matter what you tell, there’s isn’t any amount of extravagant Dhoom 3 budgets that can really compel an actress to adulterate the English language as best as Meera can (no pun intended) – and this unique skill of Meera’s is reflected in the video’s hilarious audio. Now, people would have to hold back their laughter while pillow-talking – it would only remind them of Meera’s “karo na, fake karo na”.

So, what have you been up to?

Had the various websites not promptly taken down the videos after their release, these youths would have just seen the video and forgotten about it in the two-to-three minutes of its run-time (yes, it is forgettable). They would have only come back to matters of real concern after the “disgusting and puke inducing” fix.

We would hate for you to sift through the bits and bytes of the Interwebs and want you to return to being a decent, caring Pakistani. Get the video here (NSFW, comment below if the link doesn’t work or if it’s blocked in your country) – watch, puke and return to real concerns.

Meera (Irtiza Rubab) relaxes in the swimming pool wearing a teal and orange bikini under sheer see-thru whites clothes. Her neckline is adorned with a traditional Sindhi necklace.



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