Meet the Idols: Fiza Javed Abbasi

This 24-year old is a graduate at the College of Business Management in Karachi. She was never formally trained in music but gets her inspiration from great ghazal singers of yesteryears. Fiza is the one contender on the show who has defied her parent’s advice to participate and joined up anyway. With her earlier performances, she showed promise. Here’s our look at Fiza Javed Abbasi’s short-lived stint on Pakistan Idol.

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Fiza was brought up by her mother since her father passed away. It was her father’s interest in ghazals and classical sangeet that brushed up on little Fiza. She had been singing since she was a school going tot. “I used to listen to the ghazals that my father used to sing to and I guess I got stuck to those soft melodious songs at an early age,” she reminisces. She came in for her auditions, shivering to the core, even though she’d been singing at public gatherings before.

For her audition, Fiza chose to sing Reshma’s ‘Rabba Nayyo Lagda Dil Mera’. The judges were impressed but Hadiqa thought her singing styles were only limited to Eastern singing and that it would be difficult to mould her voice to suit Western tunes. Although, it was Fiza’s immaculate sense for attire that impressed Hadiqa and she chose to gave her a chance anyway.

Fiza loves wearing figure-hugging trousers and dresses to impress. She didn’t disappoint in the later rounds either. Styled by the dynamic-duo from Deepak & Fahad Clothing, she oozed a certain pleasing appeal on stage.

From what the Idol promos depicted, people felt that Fiza lived a privileged life in the posh neighbourhoods of Karachi DHA – a factor that later decided her fate when she was eventually voted out by the public. She listened to songs on her iPad, chilling on an antique rocking-chair and driven around by a chauffeur to her gated mansion. There were a few who thought she could’ve been a good face for the Idol franchise in Pakistan; many were plainly sad on her departure from the show after her elimination.

The eastern influences of Reshma

Singing in the top 24’s, Fiza resorted back to what she felt most comfortable for herself – her eastern influence, Reshma. She could’ve aimed for a slightly upbeat song to wow the crowds and their audience viewing her performance. Instead she chose a melancholic Reshma classic, ‘Lambi Judai’. She sang the song beautifully but failed to realise that a vast majority of the public was not interested in sad songs being sung to them, however melodious. The viewers, it seemed, wanted experimental, challenging and upbeat tracks for her first live performance.

Don’t get us wrong – she gave a good live performance but she managed to let nervousness creep on and take hold of her in the final few verses. The judges had all praises for her, after all, the decision was now out of their hands and only came down to the Pakistani public to decide her fate.

This stylish lass could’ve only existed as an eye-candy on the Idol stage and the Pakistani public were ready with their guillotines. There were quite a few people who despised her ‘drama queen’-esque attitude and overacting in the previous few episodes. People cringed at the way she would casually throw around “I love you’s” at the judges when they gave a decision in her favour. She became the first girl to be voted off the show. Do you think her elimination was worth it? Some think it was fair enough.



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