Meet the Idols: Midhat Hidayat

She started off as the somewhat shy, insanely chirpy and bubbly contestant who couldn’t stop herself from bursting into a fit of giggles. The initial rounds in the theatre challenge saw another side to this naïve young competitor – turns out she’s one feisty little devil. Make way for the ‘insanely gifted’ Midhat Hidayat.

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Midhat was quirky from the get-go – from her dress sense to the way she handled herself, she was bound to leave a mark. Being the same age as Rosemary Mushtaq, albeit not as much trained in the art of singing, Midhat wowed the judges with her audition. She never received any formal training and only started singing while listening to the likes of Muhammad Rafi and Sonu Nigam. She says she is destined to be in the top three because she is “that competitive” and later rounds proved exactly how competitive she was.

Also like Rosemary, Midhat sang Runa Laila’s ‘Kaate Na Kate Re’ and her rendition was actually better than that of Rosemary. It seems like the judges may all secretly look up to Runa Laila for inspiration because they’re always vexed when someone ends up singing Laila’s songs. Although, it was Hadiqa who ended up stating the obvious – Midhat was a good singer but her whole personality was irritating. Hadiqa couldn’t help but call out Midhat’s chirpy and childish façade. She knew if there was something wrong with the girl, it was that she wasn’t really serious enough to take on music as her career.

Attitudes abound

We could’ve forgiven you for thinking Midhat didn’t possess the grit to make it past the first few rounds. In fact, we ourselves were taken aback when Midhat finally showed her true persona. She had a feisty little devil hidden inside her. The theatre rounds saw this young diva lash out at fellow competitors for ruining her chances of being in the top 24’s.

This 15-year old diva showed us a completely different side to her in the theatre rounds when she was paired with Adnan Ali. Poor Adnan felt her wrath, screaming and ultimatums when they prepared to sing their duet on ‘Hona Tha Pyaar’. Performing the song well was pretty important since it was judge Hadiqa’s song who she wasn’t really all that impressed with Midhat at her auditions.

The judges nevertheless picked Midhat from the lot because they were truly impressed by the change she’d brought upon her own singing and appearance. She was a part of the top 24’s now – bound for glory.

In the top 24’s

Midhat was perhaps the one contender that managed to mature in her style and singing abilities over the course time since the theatre rounds. She got herself an ustaad to teach her the skills she needed. Geared up with a ‘win-or-die’ attitude, the girl graced the stage after the rest of her group had performed.

She sang Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Lag Ja Gale’ to positive comments from the judges. The Pakistani audiences finally felt that she ought to get a chance at going ahead to the next round. Twitter was abuzz with how good her performance was from the rest of the bunch.

Father Figure

Although as it turned out, she wasn’t the only one on sets that day who managed to win the hearts of Pakistanis everywhere. It was her dad that became the zenith of the Idol backstage. Her dad sports a large grey beard, an attire almost always associated with staunch Muslims who otherwise are appalled by music and singing. Her dad was anything but. With tears in his eyes, he said that he was living his dreams through his daughter. His unlikeliest of support for his daughter was the one “admirable” moment that Pakistanis wished to see on the show since it started. Midhat’s dad proved how we could mend the “rotting” soul of Pakistan through music.

The wrath of the Pakistani public

Midhat has come a long way since then. After all, who could’ve believed that the girl who once tweeted idly a “wona friendship” tweet could get any attention, anywhere.

Not many people were impressed by her antics and her non-seriousness. She couldn’t manage to get enough votes from the Pakistani public and was seen off the stage, only to be recalled by the judges for yet another performance. For her ultimate performance, she picked Maryem Tollar Chinmayee and Keerthi Sagathia’s ‘Maiya Maiya’ – an extremely difficult song to sing. Just when it seemed she might’ve pulled it off, the judges decided against her.

It was sad to see her leave the Idol stage but her persona as that loveable chirpy and bubbly lass would live on. Sadly, it couldn’t help her through to the top 13’s and her journey was cut short with the final verdict of the unforgiving Pakistani public and the Idol judges.



  1. you should write these for more contestants – like Rafay, Zamad and Muhammad Shoaib etc. Also, do u know Zamad knows Ali Azmat from before? they performed together when Zamad was a cornetto music icon.

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