Meet the Idols: Rosemary Mushtaq

She had already had her fair share of fame when she contended for the Indian musical talent show ‘Chotay Ustaad’ and we all know how that went. She wasn’t a star there and hasn’t really matured into one here. To be honest, she was horrible at singing then, but what really makes this young teen so apt for Pakistan Idol is the mere fact that within a few years, she actually did manage to tame her voice and sing better. Could she really be the next Idol? Here’s what we think.

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Rosemary was a wildcard. She couldn’t make it to the auditions in Karachi and was only invited on the show because she submitted a video of herself singing for the ‘Clear Last Chance Auditions’. She couldn’t have had failed to woo the selectors anyway, partly because she has a decent recording rig set up right in her dad’s study. On top of that, she has a dedicated ustaad jamming with her day-in-and-day-out − that’s two things the others don’t have. She is merely 15 years of age and has achieved a lot in life. She stood fourth in the Indian singing competition − Chotay Ustaad.

Stuck in the 70s

She's got an ustaad-ji teaching her music and a marginally okay-ish sound rig to make sure she sings well in a microphone. Could that help?
She’s got an ustaad-ji teaching her music and a marginally decent sound rig to make sure she sings well into a microphone. That’s two things that none of the other contestants have. But, could that guarantee success?

During the show’s auditions, Rosemary proved to be a strong contender singing Runa Laila’s ‘Kaate Na Kate Re’ from the 1971 movie Umrao Jaan Ada. When, she was told to sing something modern, she chose another song from the 1970s – Asha Bhosle’s ‘Piya Tu’. With her song choices stuck in the 1970s, she left with a golden ticket albeit with Bushra pointing out issues with her breathing and Hadiqa finding her voice sharp.

Things haven’t changed much in the Gala round. Rose was out of breath throughout her performance, had that squeaky voice quality and guess what – her song choice was again stuck in the 1970s − this time it was Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Bahon Mein Chale Aao’ from the 1973 movie Anamika. Does Rose not have any other music at her place, from any other decade? We’d be honest − it seems her father is imposing his choices on the poor girl.

Footage Khaoo

It’s good to see a dad giving so much of his love to his young girl aspiring to win the biggest reality singing competition in Pakistan. It felt good when Midhat Hidayat’s bearded dad started crying and we wouldn’t lie if we say that it feels nice that Rosemary’s dad has always been beside her. When asked if he was actually living his dreams through his daughter on the Chotay Ustaad show, he was taken aback at first, eyes flooding with tears. He had his little moment on the stage and had a whole speech prepared as well – something to do with ‘parindas’ and what not. It’s this clinginess of the dad that bothers us in Rosemary’s case.

But there’s one fact that bothers us the most − we don’t know if other eagle-eyed observers managed to feel the same − it felt like Rosemary is one contestant who had been given the most footage throughout the previous rounds. Her sudden absence from the ‘Duet-Trio’ Theatre round just went to show that the show’s management realised this very fact as well. Perhaps the reason why she’s given ample footage is because she is the only non-Muslim contestant from a Christian minority. With the ousting of the Hindu contender Gopal, she might yet have the vote of the 2% of Pakistan’s minority.

We think she can make it to the final 13 nevertheless, so there’s still a lot more we’d be seeing of this young startlet.



  1. it seems though, you guys have little tolerance for talented people. The way you’ve written about Rosemary is very demeaning. Come on! get out of this religion thing once and for all. Your own argument falls apart by mentioning 2 % of the population. How someone can move forward by just getting 2% of the favor out of the whole population?

  2. I am sorry but I find this absolutely absurd. I agree she may not be a the best singer on the show and I’m not a fan or anything, but she’s certainly not a bad singer at all. It’s typical of us Pakistanis to point fingers at everything and anything, which is point well proven by what the public has been voting on the show. It’s absolutely crazy how you’ve belittled and discouraged someone so young, talented, hardworking and most of all with a very decent personality. Pakistan Idol isn’t just about voice, its about the whole package which I believe she’s a well contender for. Just because she’s got a rig at her place or her dad accompanies her, doesn’t mean she’s not worthy enough, for all it shows is that she’s been practicing and working hard for her passion and improving clearly. It’s easy to sit behind a computer screen pretending to be Taan Sain yourself and claim it to be ‘Karwa Sach’.
    I completely disagree with your stance on Rosemary getting a lot of facetime. She’s had far less than Ghazal, Seemab, Fizza, and Kashif.
    Lastly, just because she’s from a minority she gets votes? She gets votes because she sings well. And besides the fact that this show has nothing to do with the religion whatsoever, for all we know she might be Muslim (her name’s Rosemary Mushtaq and her dad’s Alhamdulillah a million times on show).

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