Meet the Idols: Kashif Ali

This cheeky 21-year old was the life and soul of the Pakistan Idol camp. Wherever there was sound of laughter, Kashif wasn’t far behind. His comical antics have led the others to nickname him “the comedian”. Jokes aside, this Lahori is fully determined to take on the Idol stage with a blast as one the top 24’s. Here’s what we think of Kashif Ali.

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Kashif Ali had always aspired to be a cricketer. In fact, had it not been his passion to sing, he’d be playing for a local cricketing league in Lahore. “I had always wanted to play professional cricket,” he says. “But I also had this great passion to sing. I received some training but mostly I sang karaoke imitating great singers.”

These greats include Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sonu Nigam and Javed Ali, a few of the people he looks up to. His favourite composer is A R Rehman. Kashif was thrust into the world of singing when he was in the fifth grade where he participated in a singing competition at his school. He now reminisces that it was perhaps the Rs 500 winning award that kept him going.

Money may have had been the only motivation for this young lad but once asked what he would do with the prize money if he won Pakistan Idol, he said, “I wish to take my parents for Umrah and I would want to make a training academy for performing arts giving free classes to talented young people.” Such noble are his thoughts.

The reluctant singer

For his audition, Kashif chose to sing Soham Chakraborty’s ‘In Dino’ and even though his voice did falter amidst his rendition, he was handed a ‘golden ticket’ to perform in Karachi. Ali Azmat felt as if Kashif was reluctant and didn’t let his soul overwhelm his singing, because he certainly could sing well.

Kashif had entered the Pakistan Idol auditions tagged along by his best friend Zamad Baig. If anything, these two had been engrossed in a little competitive streak throughout the competition. Upon hearing that both had been selected to perform in the theatre rounds in Karachi, they challenged themselves to go all the way – shoulder to shoulder.

Unimpressed judges and happy friends

In the solo theatre rounds, Kashif wasn’t the best of contenders. Ali Azmat, was unimpressed and he pronounced his fears by telling Kashif that he thought he hadn’t given his best (yet again). And as luck had it, Kashif’s best friend Zamad had accompanied him thus far. It couldn’t have been anything but music to their ears to hear that they both had managed to reach the top 24’s. Exuberant and jubilant, the two hopped across the stage with zeal.

They both may have won the judges over by singing, but it was Kashif who won over the hearts of the other contenders. Throughout their stay at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi, Kashif was constantly joking around, playing pranks and generally making people laugh. His antics were the life of the Pakitan Idol camp. If there was laughter, Kashif was around. In silence, the contenders looked around to see if Kashif was alright.

In the top 24’s

Kashif was first to come to the stage in the round two for top 24’s piano round. He chose to sing Javed Ali’s ‘Arziyaan’ and presented a brilliant rendition of the song. Hadiqa was impressed but Ali Azmat and Bushra Ansari felt the performance didn’t manage to arrest their interests as much as they’d hoped it would.


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