Reinventing Meera

No matter what challenges befall this woman, she’s vowed to take back control of her life. Irtiza Rubab, known by her filmy moniker Meera, hopes to make a more impactful comeback this summer. She chats with us exclusively about her failure to do anything substantial since her “alleged” sex-tape was leaked on the internet following a quarrel with her boyfriend.

She has publicly denied the existence of her leaked sex-tape with boyfriend Naveed, but she has finally started opening up about the truth to some of her closest friends. She’s openly admitted that the girl in the video was none other than her own self, but is afraid to admit to it publicly fearing a fierce backlash from the ultra-conservative echelons of Pakistani society. She although admits that she had made haste in trusting Naveed and that his betrayal is most heartbreaking. A simple quarrel between the couple led Naveed to anonymously release the video of the couple’s private and intimate moments.

Meera relaxes in a pool in an teal and orange bikini worn under a see-through white suit
After the whole fiasco following the release of Meera’s sex-tape with boyfriend, captain Naveed, she is all set to reinvent herself into an it-girl (once again). She removed her filmy moniker temporarily and started using her real name (Irtiza Rubab) for a moment.

Relaxing by the swimming pool in a teal and orange bikini, she vows to make an “impactful comeback”. She promises that she wouldn’t be consumed with thoughts of Naveed’s betrayal and would rather focus on the more important aspects of life. One such aspect being the hospital she’s thinking of building in Haroonabad, Punjab – Shafqat General Hospital. She’s taken her cue from Imran Khan’s philanthropic ways when he started the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore. And much like Khan, Meera named the hospital after her mother.


It might seem noble enough, but people do not trust the actress enough to live up to her promises. After all, she started expressing her willingness to build a hospital in Haroonabad only prior to the 2013 general election which her mother was contending for.

The 42-years old actress says she’s bothered by people questioning “[her] willingness and sincerity in bringing this project to absolution” but she’s adamant in keeping to her word. She has been campaigning for a year and a half now but all in vain. She isn’t willing to admit failure and has started planning to rekindle her career in the entertainment industry to fund the project, if all else fails.

Meera (Irtiza Rubab) lies back in the pool wearing a bikini under her see-thru white clothes

Meera blames the untimely release of her sex-tape and the fiasco that it stirred on national media as the worst thing that happened to her. She insisted we call it “a sex-tape featuring a Meera look-alike”, but why kid ourselves. We’ve heard otherwise from her closest friends whom the actress has confided in. Meera is looking to recreate her image in a much bolder and sexier avatar (this one last time). Hope the moral police isn’t a hindrance.


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